Academic Projects

Same project will not be given to different team. To book latest and best project call to +919611406060 today itself or mail your requirement to

Every student wants his/her project to be the best project of the year. Specially in BE / BTech student thinks more innovative and not able to find right mentor who could train them on technology in short amount of time who can leading them to develop their idea with the tight deadline of delivery as student put their career in line and don’t want to compromise in what they want to achieve. In come collage the professors expects student to work on latest IEEE papers but they are not ready to train them!!. On one hand student should do IEEE project and on the other hand they also want to develop something special.

With the clear understanding of all these situation felight helps students in developing their dream project which will bring the fame and experience of real time application development with proper technology training. We do not charge anything for your project as long as all your team mates register for the training. Once you register here you can attend the training even after you finish your engineering or graduation.

Every year we introduce new innovative projects and bring awesomeness in them. Our students will be able to answer any viva question of any part of the code in their project. We develop projects for Computer Science and Information Science only. That means only software related projects.

We offer projects on Cloud Computing, Android Projects, iOS Projects, IEEE Projects for BE, BTech, MCA, MSC, Projects on Image Processing, Enterprise Projects, Projects on Artificial Intelligence, JAVA Projects, Projects on Perl and Shell Scripting, Even we have more than 100 projects on Python, Mobile Apps, Projects on Augmented Reality, Augmented Reality using Kinect, Augmented Reality in Android and iOS or iPhone, iPad, Sound Synthases, Speech Recognition, Location Based and Location aware Projects, Projects on Web Application Development, projects on HTML5, CSS3, Phonegap, Web design etc, Cryptography Projects, Real time networking projects based on JAVA, Android, iOS, Ruby, NS2 Simulator projects, Projects which makes a wonderful utility like Multi language translator, Word Processing, Projects on Client Server System, BE Computer Science projects includes proper technology training, Project report creation and training to give the best presentation. Everything comes as package.

We also undertake projects for MTech and Phd. In past we also working on Phd project which involves image processing in Matlab. In case if you want to do only project but not training, you can do so where we train you on the modules of technology which is required for your project. The cost for projects alone is as low as INR 5,000 per member where all your team mates will be trained on technology, prepare them to answer any viva questions, divide the modules among your team mates, document creating as per your university standards and animated PPT or presentation.

Process we follow for Academic Final Year Project Assistance :

1. Student along with your Team members will first register with Felight.

2. Project Discussion Phase : We listen your Ideas and we also explain you the new project ideas we have.

3. You and your team mates will decide on the project topic which if of your interest

4. We provide you the synopsis for the project your choose and also explain you about the project in detail.

5. You will submit the Synopsis to your Collage Guide with clear explanation.

6. We start working on preparing beautiful presentation, Report etc once you get the approval for your project.

7. Technology and Project Training plan will be shared with your team with class schedules for whole semester/year.

Execution of the Plan


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