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Course Curriculum

What this course is about
You, This course and Us 00:00:00
Data Structures & Algorithms - A Symbiotic Relationship
Why are Data Structures And Algorithms important 00:00:00
Complexity Analysis & Big-O Notation
Performance & Complexity 00:00:00
The Big-O Notation 00:00:00
What is the complexity of these pieces of code 00:00:00
Linked Lists
Linked Lists – Most Basic of all Data Structures 00:00:00
Linked List problems 00:00:00
Linked Lists vs Arrays 00:00:00
Stacks & Queues
Meet the Stack – Simple but Powerful 00:00:00
Building A Stack Using Java 00:00:00
Meet the Queue – A familiar sight in everyday life 00:00:00
Match Parenthesis to check well formed Expression 00:00:00
Find Minimum Element in Stack in Constant Time 00:00:00
The Circular Queue – Tricky but Fast 00:00:00
Build a Queue with two Stacks 00:00:00
Sorting & Searching
Sorting Trade-Offs 00:00:00
Selection Sort 00:00:00
Bubble Sort 00:00:00
Insertion Sort 00:00:00
Shell Sort 00:00:00
Merge Sort 00:00:00
Quick Sort 00:00:00
Binary Search – search quickly through a sorted list 00:00:00
Binary Tree
Meet the Binary Tree- A Hierarchical Data Structure 00:00:00
Breadth First Traversal 00:00:00
Depth First Pre-Order Traversal 00:00:00
Depth First In-Order & Post-Order Traversal 00:00:00
Binary Search Tree
The Binary Search Tree – an introduction 00:00:00
Insertion and Lookup in a Binary Search Tree 00:00:00
Binary Tree Problem
Minimum Value, Maximum Depth And Mirror 00:00:00
Count Trees, Print Range and ls BST 00:00:00
The Heap is Just The Best Way to Implement Priority Queue 00:00:00
Meet the Binary Heap- It’s A Tree At Heart 00:00:00
The Binary Heap- Logically a Tree Really An Array 00:00:00
The Binary Heap – Making It Real with Code 00:00:00
Heapify! 00:00:00
Insert & Remove from Heap 00:00:00
Revisiting Sorting - The Heap Sort
Heap Sort Phase 1 – Heapify 00:00:00
Heap Sort Phase 2 – The Actual Sorting 00:00:00
Heap Problems
Maximum Element In A Minimum Heap And K Largest Elements In A Stream 00:00:00
Introducing The Graphs 00:00:00
Types of Graphs 00:00:00
The Directed and Unidirected Graphs 00:00:00
Representing a Graph In a Code 00:00:00
Graph Using An Adjacent Matrix 00:00:00
Graph Using An Adjacency List & Adjacency Set 00:00:00
Comparison of Graph Representations 00:00:00
Graph Traversal – Depth First And Breadth First 00:00:00
Graph Algorithms
Topological sort in a Graph 00:00:00
Implementation of a Topological Sort 00:00:00
Shortest Path Algorithm
Introduction to Shortest Path In An Unweighted Graph- The Distance Table 00:00:00
The Shortest Path Algorithm Visulized 00:00:00
Implementation of the Shortest Path in an Unweighted Graph 00:00:00
Introduction to the Weighted Graph 00:00:00
Shortest Path in a Weighted Graph – A Greedy Algorithm 00:00:00
Dijkstra’s Algorithm Vizualized 00:00:00
Implementation of Dijktra’s Algorithm 00:00:00
Introduction to the Bellman Ford Algorithm 00:00:00
The Bellman Ford Algorithm Visualized 00:00:00
Dealing with Negative Cycles in the Bellman Ford Algorithm 00:00:00
Implementation of the Bellman Ford Algorithm 00:00:00
Spanning Tree Algorithms
Prim’s Algorithm for minimal Spanning Tree 00:00:00
Use cases and implementation of Prim’s Algorithm 00:00:00
Kruskal’s algorithm for minimal spanning tree 00:00:00
Implementation of Kruskal’s algorithm 00:00:00
Graph Problems
Design A Course Schedule Considering Pre-reqs for Courses 00:00:00
Find the Shortest path in a Weighted Graphs – Fewer Edges Better 00:00:00

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