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This course is designed to be 100% compliant with Oracle Certified Java Professional Exam. You can easily score above 90% after completing this course successfully. Complete Core Java is covered in this course. You will be able to develop desktop applications using swings. This acts as foundation for your development career Syllabus is designed with the best interest of Industry requirement.

Note : Core Java Training at Felight include Java basics also. Felight is the best core java training in bangalore.


You need to have strong understanding of Core Java & Object Oriented Programming Concepts (OOPS) to work on JSP & Servlet (J2EE), Android, JUnit, Spring, Hibernate, Web Services such as SOAP & RESTFull, Desktop Application Development using Swing & SWT ( Software Widget Toolkit by IBM) etc.

Course Batches

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1 : Introduction
Java is a formed language ( evolved vs formed ) 00:00:00
Java the OOPs Language is the exact replica of Real World 00:00:00
Chapter 2 : Classes & Objects
What is a Class ? 00:10:00
Instantiating a Class 00:11:00
Constructor 00:00:00
Class & Objects Interview Questions 00:00:00
Chapter 3 : Packages & Conventions
Packages 00:16:00
Coding Conventions in Java 00:06:00
Packages & Conventions in Java Interview Questions 00:00:00
Chapter 4: Inheritance & Two ways of reusing the code
Inheritance using 100% Abstraction 00:20:00
When we need to have abstraction as well as as definitions 00:08:00
Inheritance using Concrete Class 00:15:00
Son IS-A Father & Car HAS-A Engine 00:43:00
Types of Inheritance and diamond problem 00:08:00
Super class of All 00:14:00
Constructor flow and super constructor 00:18:00
Composition and Aggregation in Java 00:00:00
Inheritance Interview Questions in Java 00:00:00
Chapter 5 : Access Specifiers and Access Modifiers
Access Specifiers & Access Modifiers in Java 00:52:00
Everything about static in Java 00:36:00
About all the remaining access modifiers 00:00:00
Access Specifiers & Access Modifiers in Java Interview Questions 00:00:00
Chapter 6: OOPs definitions to crack Interviews
Encapsulation in Java 00:00:00
Abstraction 00:00:00
Inheritance 00:00:00
Polymorphism 00:00:00
Coupling and Cohesion 00:00:00
Object Oriented Programming (OOPs) in Java Interview Questions 00:00:00
Chapter 7: Exceptions & Assertions
Exception Handling in Java 00:18:00
Assertions in Java 00:00:00
Chapter 8: Memory
Memory allocation in Java 00:00:00
Tools for better understanding of whats happing inside memory 00:00:00
Garbage Collector in Java 00:00:00
Class Loader in Java 00:00:00
Just in Time Compiler ( JIT ) 00:00:00
Chapter 9: Strings
The Amazing Concept of Strings in Java ( String API ) 00:18:00
StringBuffer & StringBuilder API 00:00:00
Strings in Java Interview Questions 00:00:00
Chapter 10: IO ( The Great Inputs & The Great Output :-) ) & Files
Introduction to I/O 00:00:00
Command Line Arguments 00:11:00
Reading Input from Console 00:09:00
Introduction to Files 00:00:00
Creating Files Using the File Class 00:07:00
FileReader and FileWriter 00:12:00
BufferedReader and BufferedWriter 00:21:00
Working with binary data 00:04:00
Project Work with files & IO 00:00:00
Serialization & Deserialization in Java 00:10:00
Deserialization in Java 00:00:00
Chapter 11: Nested Classes
static nested class, Member inner class, Local class & Anonymous class 00:11:00
Inner classes 00:00:00
Chapter 12 : Threads
Why do we need a Thread and What is Thread ? 00:04:00
Two ways of Creating a Thread in Java 00:11:00
Multithreading 00:11:00
Thread Scheduler & Thread Life Cycle 00:10:00
Thread Life Cycle 00:00:00
How you can prevent Thread Execution ? 00:00:00
Thread Priorities and yield() 00:00:00
The join() Method 00:00:00
Synchronizing a Resource 00:05:00
Thread-Safe Classes 00:00:00
Thread Deadlock 00:00:00
Thread Interaction 00:00:00
Chapter 13: Generics & Collections in Java
Overriding hashcode() & equals() 00:10:00
Introduction to Collections 00:00:00
The interface and class hierarchy for collections 00:00:00
Working with List 00:36:00
Iterating through Collection 00:05:00
Generics 00:00:00
Working with Set 00:00:00
Working with Queue 00:00:00
Sorting in Collections 00:20:00
Searching in Collection 00:02:00
Converting Arrays to List and visa versa 00:02:00
Working with Map in Java 00:00:00
Collections in Java Interview Questions level 1 00:00:00
Collections in Java Interview Questions level 2 00:00:00
Chapter 14 : Become aware of few more useful APIs in JDK
Date 00:00:00
Currency 00:00:00
Number 00:00:00
Chapter 15: New Features in JDK 8
Default Methods 00:00:00
Functional Interface 00:00:00
Anonymous Class 00:00:00
Lambda Expression 00:00:00
Date Time API 00:00:00
New features introduced in Collections API 00:00:00
The Brand new API in Java 8 : The Stream API 00:00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Profile photo of Sourabh J Kalmady

    Core Java Review

    Vinay’s teaching is excellent. He thought us in such a way that, whole core java seemed easy.

  2. Profile photo of Veena H G

    Review on Core Java

    Hi, We are done with core java now…Jai Ganesha.:)
    All the concepts what Vinay taught us was clear and I understood all the concepts.
    And, I myself did the project so, made use of all possible concepts of core java.
    Interview classes on core java is also helping us to have more clarity of the concepts o answer in interviews.
    Ready for the placements:)

  3. Profile photo of B.Abhilash

    core java review

    Excellent teaching …
    If we a good mentor(VINAY NAOH) we can achieve anything in life.

  4. Profile photo of Sapan KumarKar


    We can find java God(vinay naoh) in felight.

  5. Profile photo of Midhun Mohanan PM


    Style of teaching is good.
    Training is good.
    Felight provides Good study materials and interactive classes.

  6. Profile photo of Arun Das P

    Very Good

    The teaching was excellent. Even if we miss any classes,we can see the videos and learn it quickly. The notes are very simple and very easy to understand.

  7. Profile photo of Nagasindhuja D


    Notes and videos are well organised. Videos are really helpful to rewatch the concepts.Vinay explained all the concepts co-relating to real world scenarios. I feel java is really interesting and enthusiastic to learn more topics.
    Thanks to vinay.

  8. Profile photo of sajan

    Core Java review

    The core Java course is well organised, it gives a good understanding of the concepts involved.
    Concepts such as Threads, Collections which I found difficult to understand was clearly explained in videos and ocourse my doubts were cleared during the class.

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