Java 3rd Party APIs Training at Felight in Bangalore

This course is designed to bring you to industry expectations. After finishing advanced Java Training you will be able to work like a professional in any company. Moreover it will help you to crack any Java Interview. In this training you will get exposure to many APIs which are widely used in industry.

I will cover the concepts that a Java Developer should know.

Important Note: Please go through the syllabus properly as what we call advanced Java has got different meaning as per competitors. Our beloved competitors call J2EE and Frameworks as Advanced Java where as at Felight we tailored a new syllabus which covers the tools and apis that any Java Developers use in their everyday life.

Course Curriculum

Chapter 0: Before your start
Courses to complete before you can take up Advanced Java Training 00:00:00
Creating a jar file to deliver our group of bytecode to other developers & Reusing the jar file in our program through command line (CLASSPATH) 00:00:00
Before you start the next chapter :-) 00:00:00
Chapter 1 : Sending Email from a Java Program
Choosing right API 00:00:00
Simple Java program to send email 00:00:00
Bringing it to API Standards 00:00:00
Making it production ready or deployment ready 00:00:00
Chapter 2 : Working with more 3rd party APIs
Reading Microsoft Word & Excel from Java Program 00:00:00
Java Program to play an Audio 00:00:00
Http Request & Http Response 00:00:00
SAX & DOM XML Parsing example ( Parsing xml from a Web Service ) 00:00:00
Simple example to read the contents of Google Spreadsheets using Google Spreadsheet API 00:00:00
Introduction to Log4j 00:00:00
Introduction to JUnit 00:00:00
Converting a Color Image to Grayscale 00:00:00
Text To Speech Example with UI 00:00:00
Chapter 3 : Tools that a Java Developer should know
Maven 00:00:00
GIT / Github 00:00:00
Gradle 00:00:00

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