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Sukmal from Maharastra

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Vishwas Placed at Amazon

One Week complete FREE Training on Testing & Java at Felight !!

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It's your institute

Most trusted institute in Bangalore and Ahmedabad 


"Attend Demo Take Feedback privately from any Students studying at Felight, JOIN only when if you get 100% +VE FEEDBACK πŸ™‚ "



New 100% Job assured Development & Testing Batch is starts every Monday at 2pm

Complete Software Development Track ( Both Web & Mobile )

Courses included :

Java Basics, Core Java, J2EE, html5, css3, JSP & Servlets, JDBC, Java Script, RDBMS using Oracle, AJAX, Angular JS, Spring, Hibernate, Eclipse IDE, IntelliJ IDEA, Maven, Git, JUnit, Agile & Scrum, Java 3rd Party APIs, Web Servies ( SOAP & RESTFul ), Android, Manual Testing, Selenium + 15 more small modules. ( Visit felight office for detailed syllabus ).


Software Development in Testing (SDET) Track


Courses included :

Java Basics, Core Java, Manual Testing, RDBMS using Oracle, html5, css3, Java Script, Java 3rd Party API, Git, Maven, Agile & Scrum, Selenium with Frameworks, TestNG.


Advanced Courses


MEAN/MERN Stack Professional

Prerequisites: Java Script in depth ( Covered in previous tracks )

html5, css3, Mongo DB, Angular (formerly angular js) from Google, React JS fom Facebook, Expresso JS, Real Time Project with Internship & Certification.



DevOps Foundation ( aws professional )

Complete aws course, Real Time Project with Internship & Certification.


DevOps Advanced

Complete aws course, Real Time Project with Internship & Certification.

Prerequisites : aws ( DevOps Foundation )



Data Science using Python

Hadoop, Machine Learning, R Language, Real Time Project with Internship & Certification.

Our Team

Vinay Noah

Vinay Noah [ Co-Founder ]

Vikas Pushpagiri

Vikas Pushpagiri [ Co-Founder ]


Bharathi [ Placement Officier ]


Triveni [ Placement Officier ]

Ravi Teja

Ravi Teja [ HR Executive ]

Smita Dash

Smita Dash [ SRM ]

Java Courses


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100% Job assured Manual & Automation Testing Courses at Felight

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100% Job Assured Android Courses at Felight

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Architectural Level Java Frameworks Courses at Felight ( 100% Job Assured )

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RDBMS courses at Felight

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Courses on Developers Tools and Technologies

These are the tools and technologies that a Java Developer should know πŸ™‚ All of these are included in your Lifetime Membership Package

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Special Courses Invented by Mr. Vinay Noah with Love and Passion

( For Intellectual growth & Self Development of his Students, PS: These Courses are playing the most vital part of students success more than any other course offered at felight !! )

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Got placed in Mist Mind & Koove

Is Felight is the right Training Institute for me & for my Friends ? I read lots of Good Reviews and few Bad reviews & I am little confused if felight is the right decision ?

We get to hear that lot during enquiry πŸ™‚ So I wrote(Vinay Noah, Founder of Felight) this to clarify things :
1. The people who wrote good reviews has written reviews in Google where you can click on their profile to send hangout request and speak to them. At felight we kept all the records of placements which you can cross verify & you will also get their linkedin profile link to which you can send connection request and reach them. Even you can ask for the number and call them directly. Most of them even has given video review too.
2. Ask yourself, all the bad reviews are written from Fake Accounts !! If they are really our student then don't you think they can clearly specify who are they and what exactly the problem they had ? We are the only training institute who respond to any such reviews. Most of such such reviews are most written by competitors & not authentic.
3. Existing Students can't lie πŸ™‚ isn't it. So just attend the demo. There will be like 200+ students and randomly you can choose a student ask for the feedback, that is too in private. Most of our staff will be in first floor and class happens at 2nd floor. I guess this is right way to verify instead of imagining things. Join felight if every student who is studying here gives +ve review about us. Don't join even if you get a single -ve review from our students :-). That level of confidence we have about our Quality of Training & most importantly placement.

Compare us with any other training institute in India & you will choose felight


You are responsible for you future. Decide wisely & be successful πŸ™‚


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